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February 20, 2009

Final Perception on 212mc

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The 212MC interactive media module has to be the longest running module, which went right through three seasons, without it being running for the most part of it. From the beginning of October we had our first lecture with Steve Dawkins and watched the infamous “Man with a Camera” movie that is directed by the legendary Dziga Vertov.  Dziga Vertov was an unknown Russian man to many of us media production students in the beginning, even though he is the main man who bought many shots and concepts we see in our daily lives and present Hollywood cinema. Point of view (POV) was a camera angle that is used in many movies that engages the viewers in the main characters perspective, that keeps the audience engaged through the movie which is a concept used in the 1929 movie by Dziga Vertov. To think that a movie full of camera shots, that made no sense to the majority that were watching it can have such an influence in our cinematography. After watching the hour movie for the first time, we all thought it had to be the most tedious film we have ever had to go watch, but when thinking about it from a media point of view on our discussion after the movie, we all realised that the most lifeless movie had meaning behind everything especially considering it was filmed back in 1929; 80 years ago. After our first Interactive lecture, the class got cancelled and postponed to term two which led us to forget about the legendary Russian with the most tedious film, but had a whole lot of meaning. In our second term a lovely new lecturer came to the rescue for the course that meant it had to go on again in a new term, new room and new teaching methods. From the first lecture, I personally regretted taking the class but after term two came across and the teaching methods were diverted 180 degrees, I thought I would have a shot at this course since a computer background is essential and key to have in the media world. Adobe Flash was the program that we had to learn how to use, and I must say it was really confusing and I didn’t know much about the program when we first got introduced to it in the beginning of the course. Although some of my classmates had experience with the program, there were a certain few including me that had no clue about the program. To see how far I have came across is a great achievement and realised that nothing is hard if you put your mind into things. We first started with basic features such as drawing lines, making faces and getting use to enabling simple buttons, which were hard to understand at first nevertheless only time got us used to the program and the functions it had to offer. After a couple of weeks of flash workshops and when most of the class got the hang of using the program, we started making mock ups of what our final piece should look like, with scenes linking with one another, Buttons around our scenes that take us to the next page. The mock ups that were published at the end of the workshop were hard to complete since It seemed impossible to remember all the steps to get to the final point, therefore we had to start memorizing and jotting down important information that would get us to that point, or let our object move from one end of the screen to another. Flash seemed impossible at that point for me to get my head round, but in the end I found it was much easier to use than the first time I glanced at it. Along with all the workshops to remember and work through, we had an online blog using www.wordpress.com to blog our daily inputs on what we have learnt, and what we are doing in class and reflect on every other day or whenever you have spare time. I am extremely pleased that we were introduced to blogging in our “Interactive media” class, due to the fact that I had to produce another two blogs for other modules, which were easy to open and was already in the habit of blogging once in a while whenever I had the spare time to let my creative juices flow onto the keyboard and to the open world wide web. As we were blogging as much as we can, we had to start our final projects that had to consist of still shots, which take you from one scene to another with an engaging story that had to be broadcasted to the class. Since I have been traveling back and forth from Liverpool to Coventry for the weekends, I have come up with the idea to interpret a train station into my interactive piece.  Although a train can be extremely long at times, a lot of time and effort was spent thinking on the train, until I thought of an idea to incorporate a mother losing her daughter, which we have been learning a lot about lately to give the story a little twist. With Shannon Matthew’s evil mum in the tabloids last month, that gave me a completely broad image of how bad it is to lose a child and made me want to interpret that concept into my final work. My final idea at first gave me the opportunity to use a camera to take my still photographs and a marantz to capture real environmental sound to give my artifact a realistic edge. Although everything may seem to come along just fine, when your trotting along to your location which in my case is the train station, I got stopped by the national rail security which actually kicked me out of the station for violating there no taping conduct inside the station, which completely blew my whole project for me. With the blow to where the sun don’t shine has hit me and ruined my whole idea, I had to incorporate another idea which was to use images from www.flickr.com to give a high quality still images to import into my artifact since I was not allowed to capture my first shot of the train station. I have learnt that even though I had my hopes high for going around the city and taking still images, I did not have a plan B, which made me panic at the time, but that can be taken as a lesson for future reference. With all my shots chosen off the flikr website, it was time to import it all into scenes with a detailed script, and sound effects in the background to give my short story a true feel for the missing girl. With flash being as complicated as it could be at time, when it was time to import all my photos, with the sound effects and text to all follow, I realized that Adobe Flash sometimes does not do what you want it to do at times, which leads you to closing the program down and opening it back up, doing exactly you were doing last time, but always seems to be a miracle when it’s working the second time around, which is frustrating when you just want something to work and look good. I also found the concept of using new effects confusing which I looked at many from http://www.actionscript.org/, but never got the chance to actually get them to work which is disappointing, but with much practice with flash eventually get to the point where one day can incorporate these effects into future artifacts. With my blogs updated more or less regularly on word press and my workbook reflecting on all problems, achievements and everything that I have learned through these past terms, it all looks pretty satisfying to look at the end result. I started the course knowing nothing about flash in the beginning and have now developed an artifact with a blog reflecting upon it and a well-established presentable workbook. I must say I have achieved something in this module when looking back to the first day of lectures with Steve Dawkins. Overall as I am looking at my final piece, to be honest i never thought I would ever get it done, and really got the hang of the once “complicated” program, and would take my experience and the background I have in flash now and advance it a little bit further, by trying to add more complex effects and even more artifacts to improve my skills, and one day be better than my class mate Luke Jones’s final piece. The more I have been using the program, the easier it was for me to function and maneuver around the program to do what I want it to do. I would like to give a special thanks to our module leader, Mez Packer who came to the rescue and saved us which looked the most dull module I would have ever taken, and came out from this module on Wednesday 11th February with a full workbook, a updated online blog, this essay to reminisce upon and a fully working flash artifact with all the recommended requirements. Thanks.


February 3, 2009

What Gave me My Idea for Final Piece

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Since i have been traveling back and forth from liverpool to coventry for the weekends; i have come up with the idea to interpret a train station into my interactive piece.  Although a train can be extremely long at times, a lot of time and effort were spent thinking on the train, until i thought of an idea to incorporate a mother losing her daughter, which we have been learning a lot about lately to give the story a little twist. With Shannon Matthew’s evil mum in the tabloids last month, that gave me a completely broad image of how bad it is to lose a child and made me want to interpret that concept into my final work.

January 31, 2009

“Before & After”

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A short flash film was brought to my attention by a friend of mine, which i thought was entirely weird, did not make complete sense, but for some reason liked it. I have been watching a lot of flash videos to encourage me to think of ideas to input into my final piece, but could not come across any good ones. So therefore i asked a friend, and a friend referred me to this video which i thought was extremely weird but intriguing. The main reason why it was intriguing i must say is becasue of the background music and the way it was created. the music kept the tension of the movie rising and kept the viewer engaged to see what happens next, which is what i wanted to input into my peice, but although it was entirely weird i have gained some sort of idea on what im accomplishing and trying to do.

Narrative OR Voiceover

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Since i have been working on my flash peice, and considering wether to input a narrative or voiceover, i have came to a conclusion and inserting the “voiceover effect”. The voiceover effect as other lecturers have been talking about, is the way forward into engaging your audience and having that special edge towards your final peice.  Therefore with the voiceover being decided, i must need a woman to act as if she has lost her daughter which would be inputted in a way as if she is being questioned by a police officer. If it works to plan, it will sound and look amazing at the end. Hopefully it all works out :).

My Bloody Valentine 3D

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The miss’s and I went to go watch “My Bloody Valentine 3D” during the week, which i found pretty relevant to what we have been talkin about in recent weeks, and resembles Dziga Vertov’s POV. Although the movie was 3D which was not present back in 1929, it still caputured the feel and actions as if you are in the movie. The 3D effect was spectacular at times which made you feel as if you are in the movie and taking part in the movie; to the point where i was dodging, ducking and even grasping on to my girlfriend almost throughout  the  whole film. The film was not a horror based, but it was definitly a thriller which exhilirated the thrill by putting the viewer in first person view, which made you apart of the film and not just an auidience witnessing it all. I recommend the movie to anyone who loves there thriller and are into being engaged in a movie more than the storyline, as i personally thought the ending to the movie could have been better, since it mislead you of who the real killer was through the film. Good movie 7/10 for me, but really did emphasize the POV aspect in full detail, as it was enhanced from Dziga Vertov’s 1929’s  “man with a camera”.my_bloody_valentine_3d13d1

Flash Problem

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covstationMy final flash peice, is all coming together until a problem has occured. The problem is where the main idea lays in the train station. The train station was my last camera shot to take but was not allowed to take a picture inside the train station due to copyright reasons, and needed to ask permission and write to the national rail, if it was possible if i can take a picture inside the train station. Although i was not capable to take a picture inside the station, i might just do so and be a rebel, since i have a couple ideas on how i can take a camera shot, without anybody realising 🙂

January 24, 2009


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In my recent project, we were instructed to work in groups and produce a digital story board. With that task given to us, as a group we thought of making a animation with playdoh characters. The piece must consist of 2 minutes digital story board, and with our playdoh characters we stuck to a theme of “wish” and made a story of the characters wishing to go all over the world. We had to get cardboard box’s and print out famous landmarks to stick in the box’s and filmed as if the characters are traveling the whole world. The product we decided to make, sounds easy but was actually very tough and made me realize how hard it must be to make an animation that lasts 30 min. like for example Wallace & Gromit.

POV (Point of View)

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There are many ways in life an individual can read or watch an item and can have the same perspective and feel that the main character is undergoing, by projecting through the characters eyes.  In many films and books the first point of view aspect can either contrast the main character or the narrator who knows about all the characters and can take the viewer through a moment in the shoes of the character. There are many advantages of having POV in either a movie or in a story as it engages the audience/reader in a different manner and keeps the viewer in suspense through out due to the realistic feel of the first person point of view. Personally since i have been brought up watching movies/music videos that engage us with the first person view, i believe that can intrigue a viewer and grabbing there attention as you may want to know what is going to happen next, because everybody once in there life, would admit in wishing they were in someone else’s shoes for a while, if it’s either your favorite super hero,singer,character etc. Kanye West’s music video for “All Falls Down” (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=T7KnBnlqOv4) is a famous music video that portrays the first person point of view concept that originated from the director Dziga Vertov in “Man With a Camera” a 1929 movie that used a variety of camera angles and a range of different shots that was being introduced to the world and used in most Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Vertov was the first to introduce the effects to cinema back in 1929, with different camera angles that seemed impossible to produce.

January 21, 2009

Obama Day

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Just a slight reminder to everyone that did not know, Barrack Hussein Obama has been elected as the 44th president of United States last night on January 20th, and it has been the biggest inauguration of approximately 2 million people went out to see the newly president in person, before taking his role in the white house. You are probably thinking what does the latest news about Obama have to do with anything related to 212mc; but what really caught my eye is how the way his very charismatic can induce the public into whatever he says as being true, since his knowledge and courage into doing something is beyond the imaginary, i believe everyone should step up in this world and take a big step into really know what you want and try to achieve it, because nothing is impossible at the end of the day. As media students, the media industry is a very hard industry to get into, and therefore need to stand out and work hard from the beginning to develop a strong foundation and spine towards our career.


What I have Been Currently Doing

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It’s been a while since i’ve submitted my last entry blog, and many people may be wondering, what on earth i have been up too, through the whole christmas holiday and into the new year; and the answer is my workbook.  I have heavily focused and inserted all necessary requirements into the workbook such as research, storyboard, visual art, Dziga Vertov, initial idea, information on my final idea, and reflection. Although we are currently approaching to the end of the module and the final idea is thought of but still not put together yet by using flash, a few problems have occurred such as photography of the train station and other related problems. I have been putting a lot of  effort into my workbook and believe it’s time to work on my blog since i have not submitted or been updating my blog in such a while, i have came to a conclusion where  15 minutes of my precious time is going to spare before going to bed, so that i can write as much as i can and reflect day by day until the end of the module.

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